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Alterkem is one of the leading distributors of chemical specialties to clients in France. We have been on the market of paints, inks, construction and plastics for over 20 years.

We are specialized in additives and technical resins, and we have been working with the major European & international certified suppliers.

In 2018, Alterkem was acquired by the Spanish company Kadion, located in Barcelona, through this acquisition, we reinforce our strategic positioning in southern Europe with the intention to continue to grow as a company and to reach our goal to be among the reference European specialty chemicals distribution groups.

In this sense, we are taking a step forward in that direction, following a strategy of geographical diversification that will strengthen our operations and will allows us to have even more presence and proximity with the French customers that will benefit both.

Our aim, together, is to be your best option in business. For this reason, we will provide you a welcome with a personal touch, a unique contact person and a special follow-up.


We are specialized in additives, pigments and technical resins. We have been working with the major European & international certified suppliers. Our asset: being able to study and develop formulas in cooperation with our principals.
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The range of products we supply are fine chemical ingredients for manufacturers of every kind of formulated productions, in the described key sectors but also in other industrial spheres.


Throughout the REACH regulation (law CE n° 1907/2006), the European Parliament requires an information exchange about the use of substances between the different actors of the raw material supply chain, in order to identify their use.

As a distributor, ALTERKEM is part of that chain. We do the necessary to support our clients as regards as the manufacturing processes. Therefore, we can inform our suppliers about their use, and grant the durability of this chain.

Latest Company News

Latest Company News